Residential cleaning

House or apartment cleaning

It’s amazing being able to come to a clean, tidy, fresh home after a long day. You can spend your valuable time with your loved ones, doing your favorite activities or just relaxing. Diamond Shine Maid Services can help you with that.

We love to maintain relationships with our clients and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your life better, healthier, and cleaner.

Studies done by Indiana University showed several benefits of keeping your home clean. Some of these points are: lowering stress and fatigue, reducing allergy, lessening the spread of germs and improving safety


Commercial/ office cleaning

Having a clean and healthy workplace is a very important part of running a successful business. Regularly cleaned and maintained offices ensures that your employees, who sometimes spend about 8 hours a day at work, and consider it their second home, are happy, healthy and more productive.

Clean and tidy offices and other working areas will give a good first impression of your company to your potential clients. It indicates a level of professionalism and tells your customers that you care about your company and about your employees.

That’s why finding the right choice of a commercial cleaning service is a top priority for many companies.

Our company loves to maintain relationships with clients and to become more than just a cleaning service. We at Diamond Shine Maid Services want to be a part of the routine that makes your business better, more efficient, and healthier by keeping your work space clean.

You can choose the type of cleaning that suits your needs


Diamond Shine Maid Services is client-oriented company and we do our best to accommodate your request by customizing cleaning services you want, either it’s one time cleaning or regular cleaning.

We offer different types of cleaning:

One time cleaning:

  • detailed

  • general

  • after renovation

  • customized cleaning

 Regular cleaning:

  • weekly

  • bi-weekly

  • three-weekly

  • monthly

  • daily (for commercial)

  • general /maintenance cleaning

  • customized cleaning

Move-in/Move-out cleaning:

  • general

  • detailed/ throughout

  • extra services

  • customized cleaning