Whether you need just something extra to add to your regular cleaning , or you’re moving into your new place and want to make sure everything is pristine and waiting for you, or you’re moving out and want to leave your previous house super clean, extra services will be right for you.

Cleaning the interior of the fridge is a popular service for detailed and move-in/ move-out cleaning


Fridge is most important appliance in your house, it keeps your food fresh, so it deserves consistent upkeep. Every 3-4 months a fridge needs to get a deep clean, as its internal parts must be hygienically clean and mustn’t contain a bad smell.

We at Diamond Shine Maid Services can help you with this task

If you like to cook, most probably you use your oven very often. It means, once in awhile it requires proper cleaning. You can turn on self-clean and wipe it off, or you can ask us to do that for you. Remember, grease and dirt that build up in the oven can damage some parts of it and will spread unpleasant smell all over your kitchen.

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Cleaning inside the stove is a popular service for detailed and move-in/ move-out cleaning

Cleaning built-up shelves, closets, cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and washrooms is a popular service for move-in/ move-out cleaning

Cleaning the interior of furniture is a necessary extra service for general cleaning of apartments, houses, offices as enough dirt and microbes gather there.

In order to avoid contamination and build up of spilled food and dirt, kitchen cabinets and drawers must be clean regularly.

Time to time each apartment, a house, an office needs windows interior extra service. We are ready to provide you this service using necessary cleaning products for glass.

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Interior window cleaning is a popular service for detailed, spring and move-in cleaning