Having a clean and healthy workplace is a very important part of running a successful business. Regularly cleaned and maintained office ensures that your employees, who sometimes spend about 8 hours a day at work, and considering it their second home, are happy, healthy and more productive.

Clean and tidy office and other working areas will give a good first impression of your company to your potential clients. It indicates a level of professionalism and tells your customers that you care about your company and about your employees.

That’s why to find the right choice of commercial cleaning service is a top priority for many companies.

Our company loves to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a cleaning service. We at Diamond Shine Maid Services want to be a part of the routine that makes your business better, more efficient, and healthier by keeping your work space clean.

  • We are very conscious of the effect of regular cleaning services on professional image of your company

  • We customize the cleaning to meet your needs

  • Our employees are throughout screened, bonded and well trained , so you can be sure not only of a good result, but of the safety and security of your premises

  • We will do our best to clean your office and other premises whether it’s one time cleaning or everyday cleaning

  • We offer reasonable and competitive commercial cleaning prices

  • Our company uses up-to-date equipment and products

  • At Diamond Shine Maid Services e pride ourselves on going above and beyond customers expectations


Choose Service that is right for you


One time cleaning:

  • detailed cleaning

  • post-renovation cleaning

  • move-in/ move-out

Regular cleaning:

  • daily

  • weekly

  • bi-weekly

  • monthly

  • customized schedule