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Spring/ holiday/ detailed cleaning

All of the regular services  plus

  • window and window stills from inside
  • all baseboards
  • light fixtures
  • walls spot cleaning


on Special request we will


  • the oven (must sprayed in advance)
  • refrigerator
  • cabinets

Provide us with more details and ask us about additional cost.

General help

Our regular clients we can provide helpers - professionals skilled in many areas




  • Regular cleaning: weekly, bi-weekly, three-weekly, monthly or one time cleaning
  • Moving In/ Out

  • Spring/ Holiday/ Detailed cleaning

  • Last minute cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Gift certificates

  • Insurance claims

  • General help


     Regular cleaning

  • Vacuuming of the whole house the bare floors as well as carpeted areas
  • all your living room, dining room, family room and the bedrooms gets thoroughly dusted.
  • All bathrooms get cleaned and disinfected
  • We remove all garbage from the house and replace it with new garbage bags which we supply
  • We watch for cobwebs and remove them
  • In the kitchen, your counter top, sink, inside of the microwave, top of the appliances and the front of the cupboards get cleaned
  • The hardwood floors get WIPED down with a damp cloth and the ceramic floors get washed down