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Janitorial services - ajax & Oshawa

Janitorial services Ajax are hired by business, nonprofit organizations and private residences to maintain cleanliness and a healthy environment. Diamond Shine Maid Service provides the best janitorial services Oshawa providing the best cleaning and ensuring that everything looks nice and fresh. The staff is well-trained and provides the best services you will find in town.

What services do we do at each visit?
​  Cleaning the lavatories and toilet facilities in the building 
    Emptying the trash receptacles 
    Sweeping the floors 
    Vacuuming the carpeted areas 
    Dusting the furniture 
    Removing dead floral arrangements from your desks 
    Thorough cleaning of the microwave oven
    Mopping the floors 
    Cleaning the sink and tables
    Emptying the trash receptacles 
    Watering, and caring of aquariums of fish and the plants
    Replacing paper products like toilet paper and hand towels in the washrooms
    Straightening magazines in the waiting areas
    Emptying water pitchersand replacing them 
    Shaking and sweeping the rugs and cleaning of debris
   Spraying disinfectant everywhere to prevent the spread of germs 
    Cleaning mirrors to keep them free of hand prints

​ What services do we offer bi-monthly?
    Dusting the mini blinds 
    Dusting computer screens and keyboards 
    Polishing surfaces of desks 
    Changing the air freshener 
    Cleaning the refrigerator 
    Cleaning the glass surfaces 
    Cleaning the furniture with a disinfectant 

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